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Introducing the client to the benefits of web technology

Techtech believes in building a long term customer relationship in an exceptionally productive way. The company makes an effort to meet the client in person to strike a personal bond from the very start. The objective is to build the customer’s trust and not to lure the customer into buying the products or services. Not all customers are aware about how the web world functions and hence out of genuine concern, the customers are given a complete insight into the web world. The company educates the customers on the benefits of websites and digital marketing in this era of a digitized business world. A structured presentation is given on all the processes involved and the various benefits that can be derived after digitizing.

Step 1

Studying customer’s requirement

It is of great importance that a company builds an asset of satisfied customers. The important role played here is to have a deep study on the customer’s requirements, wants and expectations. An in-depth study is made on subject matters like business procedures, objectives, target audiences, types of industry, practicality, budget etc... A sketch is made to ensure that the results will match the customer’s expectation in terms of quality, design, performance, reliability and functionality. Finally the customer’s need analysis is done to derive at a model for customized products and services. Every effort is taken here with an aim to deliver a fantastic end product to the satisfied customer. A desired outcome for the customer is the main purpose of this procedure.

Step 2

Initiate the development for final outputs

Here we ascertain the project to define & derive the scope for a project. We start with building the basic architecture in the case of website design & development OR a basic structural flow in the case of other web services such as branding and digital marketing. We send the architecture and structural flow to the customers for reconfirmations. We accommodate any number of changes required before we go ahead with detailing the basics. Once all changes are incorporated for the basic architecture or structural flow, we move on to work out the detailing to arrive at a desired output. Once the output is ready we give number of demos and trial runs, making simultaneous changes and updates till the time the customers are completely satisfied. The final desired output is concluded only after the absolute consent of the customers.

Step 3

Going live

Once the website is built, the next step is to launch the website and go live. We help our customers in the selection & registrations of web domain names; enabling easy navigation, validating the codes, implementing site maps and testing under various web browsers. Even in the case of other digital services such as web marketing and branding, the products or services go live at this stage. SEO-friendly codes are built to generate traffic and visibility. The customer is given complete support to overcome any hurdle for smooth implementation of a successful launch.

Step 4


Apart from the efforts of initial designs, functionality and testing of web products and services; Techetec takes over the burden of maintenance at a nominal cost. The dependency on the company does not stop with the launch, instead it becomes very important for the customers to rely on Techetec to maintain online presence and keep hackers at bay after the launch. The company’s ultimate gold is to build a brand identity for its customer’s business modules at par excellence.

Step 5